Name's Marius! This is my blog that I use for personal things, and most of the time I constantly ramble with someone through the inbox as well.

Facts: 22, European male, generally average, headache to a photoshop and avid roleplayer. Most of the time crazy.

Fandoms: Kpop/Jpop, Harry Potter, OUAT, OITNB, Disney, PLL, just to name a few. Amber Josephine Liu is actually my queen. Troian Bellisario, Stephanie Kim, Park Shinhye, Mariko Shinoda and Baek Sumin are my princesses.

Sometimes all someone needs is a place to rant/vent and be personal. This is my place. If you need anything, just say hello at me.
REBLOG if you think Kurt Hummel deserves better in a romantic partner than Blaine Anderson - lying, cheating, insecure, needy, spineless dick.

—Source: multiple canon instances of Blaine’s sterling core character traits. (via heyerchick)

Mercedes Jones » Season 2, Episodes 1 — 9


seeing assholes u used to be friends with like


Rev Kate Bottley reacting to the first gay couple to marry legally in the UK 


friendly reminder that it’s okay to cry

i don’t care what happened, if a fictional character got hurt, or if an actor died, or if one of your friends made a ‘joke’ that hurt you, or you’re just having a shitty day, or even for no reason at all

it is always okay to cry


when i first started using tumblr, every morning i would keep scrolling the dashboard until i reached the last post i saw from the night before


requiem for a film three and a half hours of film scores to help you focus while cramming for exams

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